Osho International Meditation Centre The Osho International Meditation Centre offers a completely different lifestyle from your day to day routine. The Osho Ashram has a meeting place for friend, Osho Auditorium, Information Plaza and Medical Center. Visit the Osho Ashram for a relaxing and peaceful vacation.

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Osho International Meditation Centre

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This lush greenry, clad, clean roads, rooms and paths define the world of Osho. Osho International Meditation Centre built in the City of Pune Maharashtra, is leading a life which is against the Contemporary lifestyle. With 200,000 visitors annually, Osho International is one of the largest growing Spiritual Centers of the World.

Fast Facts
» Location - Osho International Foundation 17 Koregaon Park, Pune, Maharashtra.
» Accessibility - Own Vehicles and Cabs
» Best time - Round the Year
» Visit Timings - 10:00a.m. to 06:00 p.m. *Timings are subject to vary.
» Membership Fee - Fee depends on the yoga package selected. Further information on enquiry only.
» Other Branches - 80 Fifth Avenue, Suite 1403 New York, NY 10011 U.S.A

Famous Facets:
Followers of Osho
The followers of Osho were called by these names due to their liberal thinking of not leading a sedentary life. They too were abjected upon speaking freely and openly about sex.

Meditation Hall
Meditation halls and Workshops
Osho not only emphasizes on Meditation but also on natural creativity of its followers by holding different workshops. Mirdad Pyramids is the place where workshops are held.

Osho Ashram Pune
The Osho Ashram

The Osho Ashram is a 40 acre campus is a tropical oasis, where nature ushers its display. Its a high Class life, with thousands of people coming to this Osho Ashram every year. In the Osho Ashram there are different sections:

  • A Meeting Place For Friends: Rs 475/- Card includes full day Meditation Program and a free AIDS Test. Money is not used inside the Centre, only the vouchers are used.
  • The Campus: Space age Pyramids coming out of greenery make for the sanyasis homes.
  • Osho Auditorium: All the major Meditation Programs are conducted here. In the evening a program called White Robe Brotherhood is held.
  • Guest House: With 60 Rooms, all double beds and A/Cs and attached bathrooms can cost upto Rs 5000/- per night.
  • Information Plaza: This Space provides Information of all sorts, for all the programs which run in the Osho Centre, can be asked for at Information Plaza.
  • Osho Multiversity: Its a place where you can learn some more arts than you know. Ranging from hypnotism, craniosacral bodywork, leading meditation workshops and things like this can be learnt here. The teaching staff includes Doctors, Meditation Trainers and Therapists.
  • Mirdad Pyramids : Mirdad Pyramid, a black marble pyramid complex includes large seminar and workshop facilities, overlooking an exotic, 12-acre Zen Garden.
  • Cafe : The Food here includes breads, cakes and other drinks. It also includes Western, Asian and Indian Vegetarian Food.
  • Club Meditation : Bistro, tennis court and swimming pool are the kind of things you can enjoy here.
  • Creative Carvan : Pottery, Sculptures or anything related to Art - if you can make these, then this space is for you.
  • Galleria: You don't need to go to a Shopping Mall to Shop the Latest and Best Brands. All are here in Galleria - The Mini Mall, to shop from.
  • Medical Center : In the Osho Ashram, there is a inbuilt Osho Medical Centre, with the latest technologies which get upgraded from time to time.
  • Teerth - Zen Garden : A place where you can sit, meditate and feel the renunciation within.

  • The Concept/Ideology

    Osho believed in the Concept of Meditation. By Meditation he meant being Silent. His Speech, actions and dialogues were all related to maintaining this silence. The concept was Silence with No Effort.

    The Concept of Zorba - The Buddha

    Zorba - This Buddha is a bit different from what the world knows him as. Zorba enjoys life in all its forms, dance, music, games, nightlife. Just as Osho Said - I am trying to combine Zorba with Buddha. Buddha is very silent, in its own space, never coming out of it while Zorba is ever exploring. Zorba can always become Buddha but Buddha can never become Zorba. And if I were given a choice between the two I would become Zorba and not Buddha.

    Our Suggestions
    • If Spirituality were given a free hand, it would transform into Osho World. Sex and Meditation are the subjects talked upon by Osho.
    • Not everyone can become a Osho Member. There are very strict rules to it, which are disclosed upon insisting.
    • You may agree with the Ideologies of Osho. So consider them before joining.
    • 265 kms from New Delhi, 55 kms from Jolly Grant (Dehradun) Airport, 45 kms from Haridwar Railway Station, 25 kms from Shivpuri river rafting camps on the Ganges - it is easily reachable from all directions.
    • Cappuccino, ice-creams, Pizzas, Noodles - all are served in the high Class Canteen of Osho Meditational Centre. No restrictions are imposed on food.
    • There are charges/Fees for attemding the Yoga Classes in Ananda Ashram. Clear out the things in the first place..
    • For any other assistance, feel free to talk to us.

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