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Chitrakoot Falls

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Chitrakoot Falls are located 38kms west of Jagdalpur. The Falls are formed by the waters of River Indirawati. Falling at an height of 96 ft, these are most sought after falls in the local area. The magnanimity of the Falls can be found with the huge voice they produce in the rainy months of mid – July to mid September.

Chitrakoot Falls are located in Chitrakoot which also happens to a religious pilgrimage of Hindus. Thousand s of pilgrimers who come here for Hari Darshan take a round about of the falls. Sitting here for hours gives them a sense of relief from the long walks they had taken to reach this place.

Chitrakoot Falls are also a favorite picnic spot for many. But one has to maintain a sufficient of half a kilometer from the falls as the speed of the Falls is very much. One has to be very cautious in the rainy season as the rocks surrounding the Falls happen to be greasy and slippery in this season. Chitrakoot Falls are known for their picturesque surroundings. This makes them a good place for Photography.

Most of the travellers come here to find peace and tranquility. In the morning hours, you can find people doing Holistic Therapies like Meditation. Various Ayurvedic Centers like Aroyadham are located near the Chitrakoot Falls. One has to be very cautious as the stream of water is very fast flowing.

Fast Facts
  • Distance - Approx 38 kms from Jagdalpur and 10 kms from Cumbum
  • Nearest Medical Help - Jagdalpur, Bastar
  • Nearest Human Vegetation - Jagdalpur, Chitrakooot
  • Best Time- July to September
  • District - Bastar, Madhya Pradesh

Keoti Falls
Chachai and Keoti Falls
These Falls are near to the Chitrkoot Falls. Situated 46kms from Rewa, these falls look beautiful as they fall from a height of 130ft. One of the biggest Falls around, these are a great picnic place, especially in the winters just after the rains as the water is at its full flow falling with thunderous sound herd from quite a distance.

Sanjay Gandhi National Park
Sanjay Gandhi National Park
This 1938sq kms wide National Park has a wide range of animals which include the rare ones like tiger, leopard, chital, sambar and Nilgiri. Sanjay National Park is very near to Chitrakoot. There are facilities of lodging here in the Jungle Cottage. If you intend to come here, then make a plan to stay here for a few days to enjoy the wildlife.

Chitrakoot Falls

» Around Chitrakoot Falls :

Chitrakoot : This religious Hindu Village is known for the various temples and pilgrimage place. This place is also linked to Legendary Lord of Hindus – Rama. Various Hindu festivals like Makar Sankranti, Ramnaamvi and Somvati Amavasya are celebrated here with pomp and show.

Mara Caves : Mara caves are situated in Singhrauli tehsil of Sidhi district. These caves are often compared with the beauty of Ajanta and Ellora Caves.

Sohagpur : Sohagpur has a beautiful Shiva Temple. The temples here bear a close resemblance to the Khajuraho Temple.

Our Suggestions
  • Chitrakoot Falls have a very high speed, especially in the rainy season. It is advisable that children do not go near the Falls on their own. Even the elders have to take care of the slippery rocks.
  • Chitrakoot, the town near the Falls is a religious town. If you are staying here, then keeping with the sanctity of the town do not wear skimpy or short dresses.
  • There are bound to be touts in and around the falls and Chitrakoot. Beware of them. There are no trekking grounds of boating facilities here, so do not get lured by false promises.
  •  Book your hotel in Chitrakoot as Jagdalpur does not provide standard hotels.
  • Do not litter around. You have to pay fine if you do so.
  • For Tours and further information, contact us.

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