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Its not the hills
Its not the falls
Which makes you fall
But its the beauty which reigns .......

That makes you ..
That makes you fall!

.... ...Lying in the state of Arunachal Pradesh at a height of 11,155ftnear the Indo - Bhutan border is the land of Hidden Paradise. Its a place where poetry comes alive naturally.

Flashback :
This land of Dawn - lit Mountains was mainly inhabitied by Monpa people, who reigned the Mon kingdom that stretches from Tawang right up to Sikkim. The Mon Kingdom was later on absorbed by the neighbouring Bhutan and Tibet. Later on Tawang Monastery was formed.

The Tawang monastery was founded by the Merak Lama Lodre Gyatso in 1681 in accordance to the wishes of the 5th Dalai Lama, Nagwang Lobsang Gyatso. After India severed Tawang off from Tibet, it was not until 1962 when Chinese troops occupied Tawang during the Sino-Indian War, destroying portions of the monastery. The valiant last stand of Mahavir Chakra awardee Jaswant Singh Rawat took place in Tawang. After the voluntary withdrawal of Chinese troops, Tawang was once again under the control of India. The Tawang district broke off from the West Kameng district in 1984.

Today, Tawang serves as a center for tourist attractions, thanks to the preserved beauty of the Tawang monastery.

Fast Facts:
Language : Monpa (at homeland); Hindi and English and Arunachali (also known as Nefamese). Sino-Tibetan language is also spoken.
Temperature : Winter - Around 10Deg C
Summer - 15Deg C to 20 Deg C
Clothings: - Denims along with sports shoes both in winter and summer Warm clothes and windsheeters are essential part of clothing.
Best Time to Visit : April, Sep - Oct

*Dungyur, Torgya, Losar are the main festivals of Tawang.

Gompa Monastry
Tawang or Gompa Monastry
Lesser known as Tawang Ganden Namgyal Lhaste, this 400yrs old monastery is a must see for everyone who visits Tawang, as its the main attraction of the hill station.

Urqelling Monastery
Urqelling Monastery
If you want to visit one of the birthplaces of the Dalai Lamas, this place is the one to go for -5 kms away from Tawang its the birthplace of the 6th Dalai Lama.

Tawang at its best

  • Urqelling Monastery : If you want to visit one of the birthplaces of the Dalai Lamas, this place is the one to go for -5 kms away from Tawang its the birthplace of the 6th Dalai Lama.
  • Sangeshar Lake : The myraid lake which makes Tawang look splendid is a place to sit by.
  • Lohsar and Tagya Festivals : If you happen to visit Tawang in the month of January - Feburary you should see the Losar and Torgya festivals which are held in these months when lama dance and religious rituals prove a big draw.
  • Hot water springs : Known for their Therauptic Values; (the Thingbu and Tsachu hot water springs) its a must to have a dip in one of them - especially if you have some incurable disesase.

Where and Why

Its a picture postcard place - its mountains, waterfalls, greenery and the hills - all attributing and adding to the beauty of the hill station.

Began your journey from Tezpur - the linking way to Tawang - in a cab, passing by the Se La Pass and Peak - admiring its great dragon wind - swept gateway (its also the worlds highest - at 13,714 ft).

Moored highup in the mountain ranges of himalayas, at a feet of 3500 mts - this land of Monpas landed me in a ethernal land. On dropping here, talk a walk around this land of beauty. Walk among the awesome mountain views, remote hamlets, quaint and sleepy people, and tranquil lakes. The whole atmosphere is breathtaking. Take phtographs as many as you want for there is nothing like the beauty of the hills. Settle out on one of those sleek benches with a few feet high wooden tables. The tea - a mix of milk and sugar came with added ginger and moms. Enjoy this little treat.

Now there are so many lakes around that you almost loose count of them but still they are bound to make your journey to the Tawang Monastery more easy. Tawang monastry is a place where peace reigns in all its splendour. Sit here as the chantings overtake your senses. The monastry last visited by Dalai Lama in 1960); has the 26FT-HIGH GILDED BUDDHA (housed in the inner sanctum embellished by a mural rich ceiling supported by gilded pillars.

Take some photographs of the Buddha statue; ann then move forward to see the library. You will be amazed by the vastness of the hall and the precious manuscripts, rare gold lettered Buddhist scriptures, ritual vessels and Tangkhas of great antiquity. There is also the craft centre in the monastry which laid down the various crafts of Arunachal Pradesh.

They say very natural occurences can match the signs and sounds of waterfall. Lose yourself in this sound as you move onwards to see the Nuraneng (42KMS away from Tawang) and the Babteng - Kang falls. The only thing you can do here is sit by the falls and admire the beauty and stillness of the falls.

There is also something which you can't go amiss - the hot water springs at Thingbu and Tsachu. Known for their therapeutic values a dip in one of them is must. If Kerala (South India) is known world over for its Ayurvedic therapies; Tawang is famous for its hot water springs (similar to the hot water springs in South Africa). End your day with the Arunachal Pradeshs speciality - the Butter Tea.

  • Its quite cold in Tawang - so do take warm woolen clothes with you to cover especially head and feet.
  • The best dress is either the Track Pants or the Denims along with some cottons.
  • Its advisable to keep some snacks during the entire tour of yours.
  • You need to take a permit from Govt. of India for visiting Tawang.. For the permit and other necessities, contact us.
  • Book a hotel in advance and try to take a guided tour if on a individal tour. Or ask your travel to book a hotel for you in advance.

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