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Calcutta Indian Museum

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The Museum

Standing in the heart of the Calcutta city near on the Jawaharlal Street, this mammoth building has a case filled with surprises and the old age documentaries. Welcome to a place where the dinosaurs stand in silence and the paintings wait to have a chat. It seems as if you are entering a huge Castle with the old age coming out from all the corners. Its a feeling which one can experience only if he/she is here.

The Calcutta Indian Museum has been divided into six sections - Archeology, anthropology, geology, zoology, industry and art. All of them have a special place, as they have the uniqueness of being there. It takes at least 3 DAYS to see the entire Museum.

Fast Facts
» Language : Bengali, Hindi, English
» Visiting Hours : 10 am - 05 pm
» Best time to visit : December to February (However in these months the museum is closed half an hour before the scheduled time). Its also closed on Mondays and Gazetted holidays including Durga Puja.

Famous Sites :
Dakshineshwar Temple
Dakshineshwar Temple
The oldest and the most Sacred temple of all. In Calcutta its the most auspicious place to visit - the adobe of Durga MAA (Goddess). Special prayers are held during the Navdurga Festival around October - November months.

City Trams
City Trams
These are one of the main attractions of Calcutta, running in between the markets, past by the houses and schools, running for even a cow to pass by; its famous among the college and office goers with first and second class boggies.

Hand Pulled Rickshaws

» Anthropology Section : The Mohenjodaros, Harrapans reside here. The coins, clothings, gateway of Buddha Stupa, and the 4000 yrs old Egyptian Mummy stand tall here, telling the stories of the past. Its a place which takes you ages back.

» Geological Section : Meteoroids, building stones, fossils, rocks and minerals cover this area. There are 8,000 of them giving a call. There is a portion dealing with fossils and taxidermy.

» Zoological Section : Fish, reptiles, mammals, reptiles and skeleton of mammoth (Don't forget to see the huge skeleton of the real dinosaur which covers the entire room and is the main attraction).

» Industrial Section : Cottage industry, medicine, forestry, agriculture - botanical specimens of all these can be found here.

» Art Gallery : It contains Indian and Persian style paintings and silken Tibetan temple banners.

In And Around

» St. Cathedral Church : One of the most beautiful churches of India, it is painted in blue and white from outside with stained glass inside. It is one of the most popular churches of Calcutta city.

» Hand Pulled Rickshaws : These are the unique ones in the world. These chariots pulled by human beings are worth a watch. (Though the Indian Govt. is now thinking of closing them).

» Howrah Bride and the Hanging Bridge : These two architectural Marvels stand tall - one old and the other new one, giving way to lakhs of commuters daily who cross these two.

Our Suggestions
  • Calcutta is a beautiful city. Its worth visiting the Botanical Garden, the Victoria Memorial, the Swaminarayan temple, the Planetorium and the Church Rabindra Badi, 36 Chowringee Lane and the Hanging Bridge.
  • Bring along your Children , they will love the city with its shopping centers like the Shree Ram Lagoo Market and the Nicco Park and the Kalkaji Temple.
  • The City entertains its people with all kind of Foods be it Mediterranean, Mexican, Italian, Continental or Chinese. Apart from that do try the Bengali Dishes like Doi Mach, Bhapa Ilish, Chingri Malai curry (A delicacy of prawn) and Mochar Ghonto (Banana flower dish).
  • Always be in contact with your tour operator.
  • Pre - Book your hotel room. From five star to one star there are a number of good Hotels there, choose the one of your choice.
  • Its a good place to hike out along with your family. Bring them along.
  • Before commencing the trip ask your tour operator for the must have things which need to be accompanied.

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