Rivers in India - Every region of India is dotted with several major rivers and their tributaries. Indian rivers like Ganges river, Brahmaputra river, etc, are the lifeline of our country and also worshipped for their religious significance. Visit these holy rivers in India to get a glimpse of Indian spirituality. A number of these Indian rivers also offer brilliant scope for adventure activities.

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Indian Rivers

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Rivers in India are considered Holy. The rivers of India have a lot of religious significance. Revered, prayed, looked after, these rivers are a part of every Indian Life. Nothing moves without them. These are as special as the Indian Temple for a Indian. Visit some of these Indian rivers to see what they mean to a common man of India. Out of these the major ones are enlisted here.

Ganges River
The most sacred river of India, a dip in its holy waters is a must for Hindus. The river has its source at Gaumakh in the southern Himalayas.
Brahmaputra River
Not just the biggest of Indian Rivers, it is also one of the great rivers of South Asia.It originates in Kailas range of the Himalayas.
Known as Ganges of South, its the smallest of five sacred rivers of India. The origin of this river in India is in a spring in the Brahmagiri Mountains in Mysore
Narmada River
Strikingly beautiful and feminine, Narmada is one of the major rivers of India. It originates in the mountain series of 'Maikal'in Madhya Pradesh and is considered is considered the mother and giver of peace.
The holy Yamuna originates in Saptarishi Kund, a glacial lake in the Himalayas and deemed more sacred than the Ganges due to its association with lord Krishna and his childhood days.
Meeting place of three Rivers Ganges, Yamuna and Saraswati, a dip here takes away all your sins...
Godavri River
Godavari is one of the seven holy rivers in India that have special significance. The river originates in Trimbak in Nasik, Maharashtra and is also the longest river of South India
Krishna River
This is the largest and longest of all Indian rivers. The Krishna river originates in the Western Ghats and flows through the three states Maharashtra, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh covering an area of 1300 kms.
Mahanadi river in India originates from the highlands of Chattisgarh and flows through Orissa to reach The Bay Of Bengal. It is also one of the holy rivers in India.
The Trans Himalayan river originates in Tibetan Plateau & is the longest of five rivers that flow across Pakistan & north India.
Sindhu River
This holy river originates in Kailash Mountain near Mansarovar in Tibet and goes back to the times of Mahabharata. The famous Indus valley civilization prospered because of this river.
Tapti River
This Indian river originates in Multani of Betul District anf flows through central part of the country. It' total basin area covers 2% of the Total area of India.

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