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Sindhu River

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In Sanskrit, the river Sindhu means Ocean. This river goes back to the Age when Jayadratha, son of Vriddhakshatra was the ruler of the Sindu Kingdom. It was the time of famous Hindu Epic Mahabharata. And from here, the lands of Sindh came the name of the River Sindhu. Indus Valley Civilization came into existence only after the river Sindhu paved way for them.

Fast Facts
  • Place of Origin : Kailash Mountain near Mansarovar in Tibet.
  • Compliance : One of the rivers of Sapta Sindhus
  • Place of Pilgrimage : Leh - Ladakh

Sindhu River

Sindhu River

Sindhu Beach, Bali

Sindhu River
Originating from Kailash mountain, it covers 550 kms in Jammu and Kashmir. From there it enters Leh, and gets mingled with Zanzkar river. In Punjab it is met with five major rivers of Punjab – Jhelum, Chenab, Ravi, Beas and Satluj.

The word Sindhu originates from the word sidh meaning to keep off . The river Sindhu has been mentioned 176 times in Rigveda, 95 times in plural, used in the generic meaning. In Rigveda – the Ancient Indian Scripture( 1500 B.C.), is the earliest chronicle of Aryans. Aryans were the people from whom the name of the country evolved and came to be known as Hindustan to the entire world.

There is a lot of political significance to the River Sindhu due to its geographical location. It runs along the Indo – China Border. Entering India from the south eastern Ladakh near the river Gutang at an altitude of 4,200 ft from sea; it follows the northwest course in the Ladakh Range and Zanzkar Range in the South. The main tributeries of the Sindhu River in the Ladakh Region of Jammu and Kashmir are Hanle River, Gurtang River, Shigar River, Shigar (South) River, Shyok River, Gilgit River, And Astor. In India it mingles with Ganges in the end. Nubra and Drass Rivers too act as tributaries to Sindhu River.

Things to See

  • Sindhu Darshan Festival : This Festival, also known as Indus (according to the Indus River which originated the Sindhu River), is held every year in the month of June in Leh and Ladakh. The Sindhu Darshan Festival projects Sindhu as a symbol of multi-dimensional cultural identity, communal harmony and peaceful co-existence in India. This festival is also a salute to the brave soldiers of Kargil, Siachin and other High Altitude places. Filled with colors of harmony, its a must watch festival for those who land in Leh and Ladakh in June. This festival is held on Guru Poornima Day.
  • Monasteries : The places from where Sindhu Passes - Leh and Ladakh are famous for its Buddhist Monasteries. These Monasteries are a symbol of Buddhist Culture. A must see for anyone visiting Leh and Ladakh.

  • Leh and Ladakh are a high Cold Zones. November to Mid March are cold – freeze months. Until and unless you can tolerate minus temperatures, you should avoid being here in these months. If you enter Leh and Ladakh in these months, it is impossible to move out before March.
  • Reaching Leh and Ladakh is only by Road. Trains can take you upto Jammu, after that one has to go by Road. The Indian Airlines go up to Srinagar Airport. After that, one has to take a Taxi or go by bus.
  • Food is not easily available in peak winter seasons. In rest of the seasons, both Vegetarian and Non – Vegetarian Food is easily available.
  • March to June are the best months to be in Leh Ladakh. September – November too are good months to be here.
  • Take a large number of warm clothes, if you are going in winter season. In other months, Leh and Ladakh are beautiful places to be in.
  • Keep all your belongings with you. Take minimum luggage while on excursion. Keep your important documents in the Hotel Locker.
  • Do not pass out any information about your Passport and Travelers Cheque with anyone.
  • For further queries, contact us.

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