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The Village

Located between the famous places Nalanda and Rajgir Town of Bihar, this small village is famous for weaving. There are about 250 families in this village, out of which 50 practice weaving.It is said that out of the three Mango Grooves of the Nalanda University, one of the Grooves is situated here. And it is here where Lord Mahavira and Gautam Buddha stayed. In fact it is the first place where the Lord Buddha gave his first preaching - it is so beleived. So it came out to be known as the epicentre of Budha preachings. It is also considered the first major social reform movement. Lord Buddha, Lord Mahavira and Sanjaya has many followers from this village called the Nepura.

Nalanda is one place to see once you are here. Once known to the world as Nalanda University of Gautam Buddha which produced many famous Kings and Prince, its still stands in its ruins with the ages old charms. Magadhi manuscripts and the Prakriti Dialects inscriptions can still be found here. Under the survey of Archeological Survey Of India it is one of the prized possession of India.

Fast Facts
» Location - Silao, Nepura, Rajgir, Nalanda, Bihar
»District- Nalanda
» Best time - October to February
»Accomodation- Village Resorts in Nepura Village.

Famous Sites:
Nalanda University
Nalanda University
One who has visited Nepura cannot escape the charms of visiting the Nalanda University. The centrestage of Gautam Buddha Teachings it still stands with its relics and the ages old manuscripts.

Silk Making
Tussar Silk
A visit to India is incomplete without seeing the manufacturing of Silk. Nepura Village is the hub of Silk making. All the stage s of silk making - from the raw product to the end product can be found here at one place. A must see for every visitor.

Art and Craft

India is famous for its silk, and Nepura for its Tussar Silk. Pit Loom and Thigh reeling are the major craft techniques here. For making the Tussar silk, cocoon of the Tussar fruit is used. Along with the silk, sericulture and silk processing are the major acts here.One can see the entire procedure of silk making here - from the begening to the end.

Local People

This Village has the Tradition of Jainism and Buddhism. A simple food of rice and vegetables makes for the staple food of this village. There are around 250 families in the village, with 50 of them as silk weavers. The villagers are agriculturists - who are involved in potato cultivation, rice, mustard and wheat.Cattle herding and weaving are also the source of works in this community.

Tourist Attractions
There are a number of attractions in Nepura Village :

» Festival of Nepura : Malmas is the famous festival of Nepura. This religious festival which is celebrated every 4th year welcomes lakhs of pilgrims at the place called Rajgir.Nalanda MahaviharSwetambar Jain Village, Digambar Jain Temple, Sun Temple, Shanti Stupa, Rajgir, Thai Temple, Bargaon, Venuwan, Jivakas Mango Tree, Makhdum Kund, Jain Temple on Vaibhara, Udaya and Sona Hills.

» Temples around Nepura : There are a number of temples and places to see around Nepura. Nalanda MahaviharSwetambar Jain Village, Digambar Jain Temple, Sun Temple, Shanti Stupa, Rajgir, Thai Temple, Bargaon, Venuwan, Jivakas Mango Tree, Makhdum Kund, Jain Temple on Vaibhara, Udaya and Sona Hills are some of them.

» Historical Places :A number of historical places are there around Nepura which are a must sees. Ajatshatru Stupa, Ashok Stupa, Japanese Temple, Pawapuri, Jal Mandir and Samosaran are to name a few.

Our Suggestions
  • At one time Bihar was supposed to be the seat of Knowledge. It still has remains of its past - it can be verily seen in the world famous Nalanda University.
  • Bihar is easily accessible from air and railways. Winters are the best time to be here.
  • Nalanda, Mahabodhi Temple, Bodhgaya, Vaishali, Rajgir, Kushinagar, Buddh Stupas are some of the major attractions of Bihar. These are the must sees.
  • The food of Bihar is simple and vegetarian. Though some of the restaurants serve Chinese and Continental; this Buddha land prefers the vegetarians.
  • Nepura in itself is a small village. It is advisable that you bring along the necessities.
  • For any clarifications we are there to resolve them. Contact us anytime, anywhere

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